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bMS3D-360 – Success Story

We still rely on our long-term partner SBG Systems products. Here is a thoughtful review they wrote about our bMS3D-360. "VIAMETRIS completes its product range with a backpacking-based scanning system called the “bMS3D-360”, and continues to rely on SBG Systems’ expertise in inertial navigation."
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bMS3D 360: unprecedent panoramic backpack mobile scanner

Those who have already used mobile scanning systems know how difficult it is to cover the whole area with this kind of system and how complex the completeness is. The narrow streets, the pedestrian zones, are all barriers. VIAMETRIS has found a solution to these challenges by developing the bMS3D-360: the world's first backpack mobile scanning system including a panoramic camera.
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bMS3D already grabbed the attention of IPIN 2018!

GEOLOC TEAM, a research laboratory of IFSTTAR (the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks) organizes the 9th conference of positioning and indoor navigation (IPIN 2018). VIAMETRIS has been selected to scann the whole shopping mall (2kms) with the bMS3D.
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