bMS3D used in Nantes

GEOLOC TEAM, a research laboratory of IFSTTAR (the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks) organizes the 9th conference of positioning and indoor navigation (IPIN 2018). A competition will take place in the heart of ATLANTIS (one of the largest shopping malls in Nantes, France). The goal is to compare the results and progress in the field of mainstream indoor navigation.

For this, the bMS3D was selected to scan and position nearly 200 checkpoints (represented by a 14 cm target on the ground) to constitute the ground truth. Using some control points to ensure the absolute positioning of the results, VIAMETRIS scanned the whole shopping mall on 4 different levels, including open floors and underground parking.

Two major facts:
1-No GNSS reception during these two hours of scan
2-A crowded environment

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