The best of the GNSS, IMU and SLAM worlds

The vMS3D solution takes into account the advantages and disadvantages of each technology, depending on their conditions of use.

It allows rapid measurements, faster than any other technologies

This technology is no longer tightly dependent on GNSS receivers. When the GNSS receiver provides reliable data (i.e: in open sky environment), the solution relies on its position. If the GNSS fails or disturbance occurs, the system then chooses inertial LiDAR-SLAM.

This independence to the GNSS reception makes this system a versatile tool. It will work the same in highways or dense urban canyon.  
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The vMS3D looks like a classic Mobile Mapping System (MMS). But, it integrates a 360° camera, a rotating LiDAR, an internal navigation system with GNSS receiver. Besides, this system embeds one additional LiDAR, which is right below the 360° camera and horizontally scans around the vehicle. This sensor is the key component to make the device compatible with 6DOF LiDAR-SLAM (available in VIAMETRIS PPiMMS software).  


- No limit case - can be used either in urban canyon and open-sky roads
- Simple to set on any vehicle thanks to suction cups system
- PPK-Compatible GNSS
- New generation 360° Ladybug5+ camera
- Highway
- Urban canyon
- Downtown
- Underground
Item Specification
accuracy 3 cm
speed of the scan Driving speed (<70km/h)
density 700,000 pts/s
min / max range   >1m  /  <100m
SLAM Compatibility Yes
GNSS Receiver L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS Novatel
CAMERA Ladybug 5+ FLIR 30Mpix

Watch here a video of the vMS3D:

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