Scanning complex indoor environment

The iMS3D is the world's first indoor mobile mapping scanner with LiDAR-SLAM technology. 

The scanner was designed in 2011. It is able to scan and to grab 360° images in any indoor area. It is specially made for narrow environments and crowed offices. This technology has been developed to provide an efficient answer to the As-Built industry. 

Panoramic images are fully compatible with our WebViewer solution in order to share immediately the result with building managers. 
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The iMS3D is perfect for indoor areas. This mobile scanner delivers 3D colorized point cloud coupled to panoramic images and trajectory. 


- Very fast acquisition even in crowed places
- Automated data processing
- Export in LAS/XYZ/BIN (CloudCompare)
- Visual management of the data thanks to the images
- 12Mpix 360° panoramic images

The iMS3D is made for any indoor scanner:

- New buildings
- Unfurnished Houses
- Offices

Item Specification
accuracy 1-2 cm
speed of scan 5000 sqm/h
Density 86,000 pts/s
min / max range <0.1m  /  >30m
battery life 8 hours
"The data worked out great and we were able to deliver some fantastic drawings from it!" , D.A.

For a quick demo of the iMS3D:

Whether you’re an architect, engineer, contractor, surveyor or mapping professional, we’ve got you covered.

VIAMETRIS strives to be a partner and not just a supplier to its customers. 

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