No Barrier stops it

The bMS3D has been designed to make land surveying everywhere. This system is a backpack inclusing LiDAR sensors and camera (two different versions, one with 4x pinhole cameras and one with 1x panoramic camera FLIR Ladybug5+).

Narrow streets and pedestrian zones are considered hurdles when it comes to mobile scanning. The new bMS3D makes this sort of tasks achievable.

This system can be used on pedestrian tracks in urban centers, on cycling tracks, in construction sites, in indoors, in forests, in shopping malls, in airports, on road curbs or sidewalks: more or less anywhere !

VIAMETRIS has been an expert for 10 years in the 6DOF LiDAR-SLAM algorithm, this has allowed the company to offer this complete solution for any kind of mapping applications. 
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The bMS3D contains all the components in order to provide end-to-end results. What makes it different from other mobile scanners is the way it calculates the trajectory. Compared to inertial technology, this system does not depend on GNSS reception quality.
The L1/L2 GPS & GLONASS mono antenna is then added to geo-localized the result if the GNSS reception is good enough.


- Automated data processing
- Colorized 3D point cloud
- Geo-referenced images
- Adjustable mount to adapt the system's point of view
- PPK GNSS available

The bMS3D is made for many environments:

- Large Indoor area such as airport, museum and shopping malls
- Downtowns
- Sidewalks and pedestrian street
- Forest
- Construction sites
- Mines
- Historical sites
Item Specification
accuracy 3 cm
speed of the scan Walking speed (5km/h)
density 2x 300,000 pts/s
min / max range   >1m  /  <100m
battery life  Hot Swapable Battery - 2h per unit
GNSS Receiver Yes - L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS
CAMERA OPTION 1: Ladybug 5+ FLIR 30Mpix
OPTION2: 4x Pinhole CMOS camera 5Mpix

Flying through a bMS3D point cloud:

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