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Want to geo-reference your images? Thanks to localization technology, VIAMETRIS provides devices to grab picture and to easily update them when it is necessary.
Once the device scaned the building or the street, the data can be immediately shared on WebViewer to display 3D data on the Web- browser of the final customer.
VIAMETRIS knows since surveyor's job is changing there is a huge demand for revolutionary scanning technologies. Surveyors work in limited time, need scanners which facilitate the measurement of a high density of points covering big areas. They also need accurate capture and easy post-process management, to quickly get 3D result. Many of them work in complex areas (with difficult access or with no GNSS coverage).
VIAMETRIS has taken in account all those criteria and offers highly accurate mobile scanning technologies to save time and money.
Managing buildings is sensitive and requires more efficiency. When old building have no plan and when new constructions need to be checked, Mobile Scanner is the key to keep affordable services.
3D-Measurements and high-quality 3D-point cloud will allow the BIM Manager to get an accurate point of view of its assets. 
3d modeling

road mapping

autonomous application

3D Modeling of existing assets needs 3D point cloud. VIAMETRIS proposes mobile scanners to quickly grab a 3D picture of any kind of area. 
Road maps is continuously updated and accurately verified in order to provide up-to-date information and routes. 
VIAMETRIS is able to provide tools to exploit road scanning data and to extract roads assets in a click.
One of the key issues for autonomous vehicles is to provide reliable and robust technology for positioning.
While it is necessary to detect obstacles and predict trajectory of dynamic objects, it is mandatory to provide good understanding of the environment to prevent from road accidents.
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