Leader in Mobile Scanning Technologies 


VIAMETRIS is a French company dedicated to developing mobile scanning technologies. For more than 10 years we have provided accurate, high quality, and value-added solutions to complex 3D world scanning challenges. 

OUR Vision

Pursuit of Perfection

Our technologies are built to change scanning world. 
We aspire to be the firm of choice for accurate, reliable and quality-mobile scanning technologies.

OUR challenge

Offering the best solution

Our challenge was to find solutions to improve acquisition processes and data management for Lidar based mapping, point cloud management in general, and integration of subsequent data collection.
We did it!

WHy US? 

How We Work 

We are striving to make our client job easier and faster. Thinking “client first” is our key to building long-term, trusted relationships.
Try it
If you are interested in any of our scanners, please ask for a demonstration to try the scanner or one of our software
Scan it
Simply move throughout the area and scan with no need of exterior control, thanks to our expertise in trajectory calculation
Process it
Use our PPiMMS software to process your scan and manage the data. PPiMMS is a standalone software 
Export it
Many export options are available. Export it in all major industry standard formats, either Point Cloud, images and trajectories. 


Autonomous Vehicule

Our origins are robotics !
One of the key issues for autonomous vehicles will be to provide reliable and robust technology for positioning.
While it is necessary to detect obstacles and predict trajectory of dynamic objects, it is mandatory to provide good understanding of the environment to prevent from accidents. 

Positioning and Navigation

Navigation and positioning are mostly based on GNSS reception. In denied GNSS area, such technology is no more reliable.
VIAMETRIS developed innovative algorithms dedicated to Mobile scanning. All our products come with this technology.

Surveying Equipment

VIAMETRIS makes sure to provide efficient and easy to use equipment to  respect surveyor's work methodologies and improve their productivity.

Automatic Processing

VIAMETRIS team has various skills and expertise in creating image processing, signal processing, applied mathematics & artificial intelligence.


VIAMETRIS gots the expertise to provide dedicated tools and tested technologies because it has perfectly understood is customers needs for more than 10 years.
Product Development
We provide a full product. Our team works every day to offer the best hardware and software in the market
Unique Technology
We developed our own and unique SLAM technology. To enable fast and accurate indoor mapping and mapping in challenging surroundings, we implemented SLAM to develop mobile 3D measurement systems for building interiors
Research and Development
Our team of engineering research and development specialists experienced in geolocalization technologies, algorithms and related technologies.


Find Us Everywhere

The proximity to the customer allows VIAMETRIS to custom and provide optimal solutions to many LiDAR-related R&D projects, all around the globe
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