VIAMETRIS Founded by Jérôme Ninot

December 2007.


VIAMETRIS aims to bring Mobile Mapping Solutions to professionals in need for good and reliable tools the innovative way. First a dedicated Research and Development team working with passion, now we design mapping solutions.

At first outdoor then indoor, our special know-how gave birth to a software for automatic extraction of road data, “MaGeLAAn”. Today we are displaying a full range of products and are able to answer to LiDAR related R&D projects.



Jérôme Ninot made sure to find the best staff to create the most innovative and reliable products.

Our research team features the most advanced technical abilities in domains such as image and signal processing, applied mathematics, artificial intelligence and programming.

R&D allows us to a great versatility in order to answer to the most complex aspects of mobile scanning and perception.


Positioning & NavigationInnovative Approach


Navigation and positioning are mostly based on GNSS reception. In denied GNSS area, such technology is no more reliable. 

VIAMETRIS developed innovative algorithms dedicated to Mobile scanning. Initially developed for indoor navigation and mapping, this know-how is now applied to all our products.

Autonomous VehicleTechnology for the future


One of the key issues for autonomous vehicles will be to provide reliable and robust technology for positioning.

While it is necessary to detect obstacles and predict trajectory of dynamic objects, it is necessary to provide good understanding of the environment to prevent from accidents. 



Surveying EquipmentValuable technology for surveyors


If innovation is in our DNA, it does not prevent us from developing technology respecting surveyor's methodologies. VIAMETRIS makes sure to provide efficient and easy to use equipment to improve their productivity.  

Automatic processingComputer Vision & 3D Processing


Various skills and expertise have been formulated within VIAMETRIS, such as Image processing, Signal processing, Applied, mathematics & Artificial intelligence.

MappingGlobal solution for mapping


Thanks to its own experience in providing serices several years ago, VIAMETRIS got the expertise to provide dedicated tool and tested technologies. That is not only equipment matter, but also global approach of the surveyor job we have already apprehended. 



Lidar based mapping, point cloud management as whole and subsequent data collection are challenges VIAMETRIS is taking up.

Mobile scanning is VIAMETRIS reality today for the future.

VIAMETRIS offers solutions to improve acquisition step and data management



The continuous 3D scanner of Viametris for building interior (and exterior*)

is based on a unique technology with no GPS (no GNSS) and with an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to correct the slopes and the ground roughnesses.

Able to perform continuous scans in big quantity, the iMS 3D is as much powerful on small surfaces with tight details as on large buildings or factories.

*) scan of building exterior under certain conditions



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When it comes to drawing simple floor plans or make quantity surveys of buildings or facilities, the continuous 2D scanner of Viametris for interior (and exterior*) becomes the tool to use for its fastness and easiness to produce results.

Answering to professional expectations, this continuous scanner may operate for little surveys (house, apartment, storehouse, shop) as well as for very large surfaces and numerous rooms (housing, office, shopping mall).

*) scan of building exterior under certain conditions



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The Mobile Mapping System is unique: thanks to the know-how of VIAMETRIS, this solution is able to map even difficult area thanks to one additional sensor dedicated to trajectory computation based on SLAM* technology.

Gathering HD panoramic camera and high resolution scanner, this MMS is ideal for your land survey. 


*Simultaneous Localization And Mapping 

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Magelaan is MMS data processing software (MMS = Mobile Mapping Scanner — Mobile scanner for exterior survey — roads and lands) which automate the recognition of road features.
Its motor is a powerful graphic engine allowing LiDAR and images display from every MMS available on market (Riegl, Optec, Leica, Topcon...) while the kind of road elements are worn by several plugins.

Built to visualize and to operate the road measurements in MMS surveys, Magelaan involves automatic and semi-automatic inventories in order to generated roads data.


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The webviewer allows you, your team and your clients to visualize and to browse 3D point clouds and spherical pictures of scan surveys alongside the traverse of scans, a bit like PPiMMS do it.

It mays be installed as standalone or server. No plugin is needed user side. It is compatible with the most part of enough recent web navigators.



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Viametris versatily combined to our knowledge of complex algorithms allows us to answer to special projects.

Our subjects cover general point cloud processing, from 3D point cloud collection to management and virtualisation, automatied shape extraction, etc...

Nothing is impossible to us and we are ready to take the most complex cases.

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They gave Viametris their projects...

we are sharing the results with you.


Scanning a multi level space

Purpose: produce a simple point cloud.

Indoor data to collect: amphitheater building.

Challenge: Stairs and multiple floors levels.

The classic way using a static scanner would have been to multiply several static stations, each scene tied together with dedicated software.Using IMMS we performed 2 scans in a few minutes, using PPIMMS our post processing software it was easy to merge the two point clouds. In the end we produced a single point cloud in LAS, XYZ or E57 file format.


IMMS to CAD software

Purpose: BIM Modeling in Revit (Autodesk) with Viametris IMMS data.

Indoor data to collect: Office building.

Challenge: complex floor plan, corridors and several rooms.

In an office building a fast data acquisition can be crucial for asset management purpose. Using a static scan it takes about 20 static scans and registration process.

With IMMS, one scan performed and one hour from field data acquisition to final 1-2 cm accurate RGB point cloud.


Multi purpose data collection

Situation: 2 Floors, 465 M², 20 rooms.

Challenge: different levels, complex building with numerous rooms.

Smartgeometrics scanned the historic Waverly Mansion in Leesburg with IMMS.

It was scanned in 15 minutes, with data accurate to 1-2cm and over 100 panoramic photos!

Data acquisition can be used thereafter for virtual tours, floor plans, and measurements.It means that one acquisition give data for many different applications.

As our partner wrote with reason: An incredibly well maintained building... and perfect location for a steakhouse!


VIAMETRIS span internationnaly. Asia, Europe and America. We are attending conferences and trade shows all over the world.

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